Specifically How Many Shots to Hallucinate Absinthe?

Absinthe discussion boards and forums are packed with threads of men and women asking if Absinthe makes you hallucinate or trip and how many shots to hallucinate Absinthe. Kids at college who are out of the house are wanting to try this liquor that makes you hallucinate exactly like smoking pot. Unfortunately, those people will probably be frustrated. Absinthe does not cause you to hallucinate poster online. It is just a mythical, mysterious drink nevertheless the drink of the Green Fairy won’t allow you to see any fairies but it can get you intoxicated quickly.

It was thought within the late 19th century and early 20th century that thujone, the chemical substance in wormwood, looked like THC from the drug cannabis. The medical profession claimed that Absinthe comprised massive levels of thujone and this thujone was psychoactive and triggered psychedelic effects including hallucinations, convulsions, delirium and insanity. It had been reported that Absinthe triggered Van Gogh to cut off his ear and drove him to suicide, that it was resulting in addiction and alcoholism in France and that it had been in charge of murder. What’s the truth?

We now realize that Absinthe is not hallucinogenic in the least. Thujone can act on the GABA receptors inside the brain and cause convulsions and spasms when it is ingested in large amounts but Absinthe only contains very small amounts of thujone after the distillation process. As Ted Breaux, Absinthe distiller and tester of vintage Absinthe, said to Rita Cosby in an interview in 2006:-
“I would have to consume about three liters of Absinthe at the European limit to have any clinically discernible effects from thujone, and I’d be long dead from the alcohol by that point.”
Van Gogh had been struggling with mental illness from childhood and then he mixed his Absinthe with turpentine – not just a great combination!

How Many Shots to Hallucinate Absinthe?

A shot means different amounts in different countries. A US shot is 1.5 fluid ounces or 45ml, a UK shot is 25ml, in Australia it is actually 30ml plus in Germany and Finland a shot is 20ml. So,let’s examine the amount of US shots of Absinthe we will have to take in to drink 3 liters, like Breaux says.
US shot = 45ml so 1000ml divided by 45ml = 22.22 so 22 shots! There’s no way in which we could consume that much Absinthe and still be standing or maybe still be alive.

What you need to remember is the alcohol content of Absinthe. Let’s look at the alcohol content of some drinks and compare them to Absinthe:-
Absinthe can be up to 75% alcohol by volume (150 proof).
Beer tends to be 4 or 5% alcohol by volume (8-10 proof).
Table Wine 9-12% alcohol by volume (18-24 proof).
Whisky – Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof).
Now, the alcohol-information.com website has worked out that when you have one shot of 190 proof Everclear is the same as drinking 2.85 bottles of beer and about 3 brandies. Using this type of information we are able to establish that one shot of Absinthe comes to 2.25 bottles of beer. So, the 22 shots Absinthe is equivalent to 49.5 bottles of beer!

Absinthe is a good drink, an excellent anise flavored liquor nevertheless it will not cause you to hallucinate, however much you drink. Surely it is best to drink it sparingly and not put yourself in danger of alcohol poisoning. College kids think it’s funny and crazy to try out liquor and pot as part of their social interaction but Absinthe is way stronger than other liquors and care has to be taken from it. It can allow you to get intoxicated quickly.

Always buy quality Absinthe from respected distilleries go here. Don’t attempt making your own thujone loaded Absinthe from home. If you actually want to make your personal Absinthe then use quality essences such as those from AbsintheKit.com that have been made through appropriate distillation and that have the thujone level measured.

How many shots to hallucinate Absinthe? Above 22 shots so don’t try it out. As an alternative, enjoy Absinthe as the lovely drink it is actually.

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